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Salford by night

About Salford

Salford is a city where innovation, leadership and partnership working are contributing significantly to the increased economic vitality, growth and competitiveness of Greater Manchester and the region as a whole. Part of the Northern Powerhouse, it is an integral player in Greater Manchester’s ambitious growth and devolution agenda.

Salford’s growth strategy is transforming the city by investing in iconic buildings, new infrastructure and public realm, houses, education, health facilities, businesses and shops.

From major developments to city parks, revitalised waterways and green spaces, Salford is being rebuilt and now more people than ever before are choosing it as a place to live, work, invest and visit. It is also investing in its transport infrastructure, both to improve connectivity and to support the sustainable growth of the city. 

Salford is connecting the city and its residents to the growing opportunities in and around the area and helping to secure jobs; investment and regeneration focus towards those areas in greatest need.

Salford is growing by capitalising on its unique identity, assets and entrepreneurial skills to provide real benefits for its growing population.