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Our Transport priorities

  • Improving and investing in local Bus Networks and mass transit innovation including devolution of London style bus franchising powers to local areas.
  • Improving and decarbonising the infrastructure that supports port and freight links
  • Creating high-quality, strategic cycling and walking networks
  • Further significant investment in rapid electric vehicle charging points to encourage greater adoption of EVs across our Key Cities

Improving the accessibility, connectivity, and quality of transport options both in, and between, major conurbations is a key challenge. 

Better urban transport infrastructure – that is funded sustainably, distributed broadly, and controlled locally – can unlock inclusive economic growth and productivity gains.

Key Cities along the south coast, in Wales and the North of England, are home to major freight and passenger ports this infrastructure will be critical to realising the ambitions of ‘Global Britain’. Much of our future prosperity will depend on strengthening the national road and rail connections between these gateways and urban centres across the UK. We must put decarbonisation at the heart of any improvements, through expanding rail freight capacity; rolling out a national network of electric charging points for freight vehicles; and accelerating research and development into alternative fuels.

Key Cities are ideal test beds for transport innovations. In many of our cities, walking and cycling are already popular ways to commute and otherwise get around. Given sufficient funding, over appropriate timescales, we are confident that our cities will see more and more people using these affordable, sustainable options, securing vital improvements to air quality and population health, and contributing to efforts to achieve net zero. Many of our cities also boast excellent bus networks that are highly investable. Along with broader mass transit innovations, they ought to be positioned as part of a wider green recovery that emphasises net zero and inclusive growth aims, as passenger numbers recover following the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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