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About Plymouth

Plymouth, ‘Britain’s Ocean City’ is the largest urban area southwest of Bristol, with a population of 262,800, 110,300 jobs, and an economy worth £5.6 billion.

The city’s economic strengths lie in the well-established manufacturing, marine and defence industries, and the nascent, but fast-growing digital and creative sectors.

With a globally significant concentration of marine research institutions and advanced manufacturing expertise, together with prime locations like the Plymouth and South Devon Freeport, and the UK’s first Marine Enterprise Zone at Oceansgate, the city is well placed to become a Centre of Excellence for Marine Autonomy. Its coastal location and maritime heritage underpin some of the city’s greatest assets, including Plymouth Sound National Marine Park; the largest Naval Base in Western Europe; a commercial and continental ferry port; and a nationally significant fishing industry. Plymouth is a place with enormous potential based on its distinctive natural and cultural assets – its businesses – and its people.