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Sunderland Northern Spire

About Sunderland

Sunderland is transforming; a young city by the sea embracing pioneering urban development and enhancing its glorious natural assets.

A dynamic place to live, work and play, with hundreds of millions of pounds in investment pouring into key development sites across the city. Creating thousands of new homes, workplaces and jobs within the region, cultivating a sustainable and vibrant hub for businesses to grow. 

A key player in multiple innovative sectors, with a culture that makes it ideal for businesses, partnerships, start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors want to lay down roots and grow their opportunities within the region. 

Sunderland has a flourishing student culture and currently attracts international businesses from around the world.

We’re very proud of our roots, culture and natural beauty spots. 

Our city is still growing and, having been named Smart City of the Year in 2020, the future of Sunderland is brighter than ever.