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About Wolverhampton

The City of Wolverhampton is a young and vibrant city with one of the top ten growing economies in the UK. With £4.4 billion total private and public investment in regeneration across the city, Wolverhampton has strengthened its reputation as a city with significant opportunity.

Wolverhampton is known for its rich cultural diversity and is a thriving centre for culture, sports and entertainment.  The city has excellent connectivity to the rest of the West Midlands and beyond, underpinned by an extensive programme to future proof its digital infrastructure through both full fibre and mobile connectivity.

Wolverhampton has a strong history of making, and is growing in the future of industrial, technological and green innovation including sustainable construction and excellence in brownfield land remediation.

The city is now at the centre of the Government’s Levelling Up agenda, delivering ‘Our City: Our Plan’ – our strategic framework to level up our city and ensure Wulfrunian’s live longer healthier lives.