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Levelling Up, Emissions Down – E-Poster

June 15, 2023
Levelling Up, Emissions Down – commissioned by Key Cities and produced by Metro Dynamics and Opergy – reveals how cities are driving positive climate action, despite a huge disconnect between local action and national policy.

An E-Poster of the Levelling Up, Emmissions Down report was presented at the 2023 EcoCity World Summit. The report itself calls for Government to clearly define the responsibilities of local and national government, provide devolved funding with net zero powers to local areas, and support in upskilling the workforce.

It sets out the findings of a programme of research, which involved extensive engagement with the 27 Key Cities, to assess progress to net zero and identify barriers and opportunities for improvement across the UK. With a collective population of 6.2m people and contributing £150bn to the economy, the experience of Key Cities is highly relevant to the rest of the country.

For further details read the full report.

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